Angel Citi

AngelCiti Casino is currently offering new players 20% (up to $200) of a first purchase, plus an extra 5% if that purchase is made using Bank Wire. If you use Western Union you get 100% Bonus on first deposit and 20% on all deposits after that! Excellent purchase options and quick payouts are just part of what make AngelCiti Casino a truly excellent choice.

Angel Citi Casino offers also huge number of beautifully designed games to choose from and courteous 24 hour toll free support (easy to reach by phone or email).

All your credit card transactions are secured by digital encryption, so you can be sure that your money are 100% safe.

The odds are as good as, or better than, in Vegas. And at a guaranteed 97% payouts, you won’t find higher payouts on the net!

Best of all, imagine all this excitement taking place in the comfort of your own home … so you are free to play at your convenience and at your own chosen time – without ever having to go out the front door!

Got the feeling that today might just be your lucky day? Take your chance at AngelCiti Casino. Just imagine that fabulous feeling when you start winning – in the privacy and comfort of your own home!