How to clear a bonus at an online casino

Bonuses in online casinos are one of the most powerful stimulators in attracting new gamers, keeping old ones. However, not a single gambling establishment wants to part with them, incurring losses, so special conditions were invented in order to wager the bonuses and withdraw the winnings from the deposit. This action is called a wager.

Wager – what is it?

What is a wager? A wager is the smallest number of bets that need to be wagered to withdraw funds from an account. Online casino specialists choose the wager that brings the maximum marketing effect. This makes it possible to keep players in the online casino while the bet is being wagered. It also allows companies to protect themselves from users who are trying to simply take advantage of the accrued bonuses. Previously, there was a practice of receiving bonuses and withdrawing them to your account. Now this method of easy enrichment is impossible and is prohibited, so it will not work to deceive the casino. An example of a wager. When replenishing an account with 200 units of any currency, a bonus of 100% will be credited. In this case, the minimum number of bets (wager) is 35. This means that the player needs to wager the bonus 35 times, which will amount to 7000 cash. Only after that you can get the opportunity to withdraw money from the account.

How to clear bonus funds

Each online casino constantly conducts various promotions, sweepstakes and other loyalty programs for players. How do I get a bonus? To do this, you need to use a promo code and fulfill special conditions (they are different in each casino) for its accrual. It is quite difficult to win back the virtual funds received. This can be done by experienced players or those who know what online games are best to use on a case-by-case basis. Experts recommend using:

• blackjack;

• slot machines;

• roulette.

Roulette is suitable for inexperienced players. In this game, you do not need to thoroughly delve into the rules, to have solid experience. But, if you wish, you can try your hand at slots. It is better to give preference to the European or French version of roulette, as in the American there is a double “Zero”, which reduces the chances of winning back. If there is a bonus of 100 euros, it should be divided in half and the following bets should be placed – half on red and the other on black. In this situation, the payment will be made one to two. One bet will be winning anyway. Losing is possible only if the ill-fated “Zero” falls out. In such a combination of circumstances, the player will only lose bonus points. In a successful situation (90%), the gamer wins back bonus funds and can withdraw them. This way of playing allows you to execute a wager and withdraw bonus funds to your account. However, some online establishments prohibit the use of such gambling methods.


Transparency, decency and honesty of the casino are the key to an exciting and interesting game. When choosing an online casino, you must carefully read the established rules in each specific case, be attentive and careful.