When is it profitable to refuse a casino bonus?

Many casinos, in particular and especially online casinos, attract new players by offering them a variety of bonuses. However, it is worthwhile to figure out whether it is always profitable to receive such bonuses, and how to refuse them if they are really disadvantageous for the player. If we talk about bonuses in the context of the issue raised, then they are all divided into two types – binding and non-binding. Obligatory bonuses are a type of bonuses, when crediting them then you just need to wager it in order to withdraw your money from the game account. If the slots bonus is not wagered, then you can’t withdraw it, and you won’t be able to withdraw your money that you had before the bonus funds were credited.

To refuse such bonuses there are a few simple steps

The first thing to do is simply not to take the bonus. The thing is that some casinos, before crediting a bonus to your real gaming account, ask the owner of the account for this. If you do not want to ever receive such surprises at all, then immediately after registering a game account, you should contact the technical support service and ask to block all bonuses in your game account. However, this should be done before you transfer money to the online casino – before you will make your first deposit. Such actions are not always beneficial. Sometimes you can only win with bonus money. To profitably refuse the bonus, or dispose of it, it is enough to analyze your favorite games and all the conditions of the proposed bonus. That is, in what size it needs to be won back, after what period of time it will be possible to withdraw funds from the game account and so on.

It is beneficial to receive bonuses if for the most part you only play on slot machines, if you like card games, or even roulette more, then bonuses are not profitable for you, since you usually need to wager these bonuses by 60 times or more size.

Although often there is also a smaller wager. On BlackJack, such big bets are reached after a lot of time, but the slot machine is able to wager the bonus quickly, since the money turnover is higher there. Therefore, in order to profitably refuse the bonus, you must first evaluate the conditions for its receipt and analyze your games, and only then make a decision.

A separate category is no deposit bonus. They are usually offered as gifts for certain events or as winnings in a tournament. Such bonuses are usually issued in real money to a player’s account in an online casino and do not require wagering. Of course, it is simply silly to refuse such gifts.

In general, casino owners keep their players in the casino in several ways. For example, to leave a player simply a client of his casino, they can constantly be sent letters to his mail with offers to visit their online resource. In such letters, as a rule, it is said that when visiting the player bonuses will be awarded. This applies to online casinos. But bonuses, as a way to keep the customer base, can be applied in a real casino. This is often practiced as a promotion for regular casino customers.

In addition to the bonuses from the casino, one of the factors of retention of players is the special atmosphere of the gaming hall. For example, when you sit and play in the casino hall, where there is silence and tranquility, and suddenly in the middle of this silence a loud computer sound is heard, notifying that someone has just won a jackpot. Of course, any player, even if he had just intended to leave, will think that he should be lucky now, so he will stay for playing in the casino for some more time. But this is not relevant for online casino.